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There is no one to update in this language confused .

Look at the French version especially for the plans. (schematic diagram of the hovercrafts)


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Air De Glisse is an association for leisure Hovercraft promotion.

In our web pages you will find free hovercraft plans and informations.

Since "Air De Glisse" is the name of our association, you will find this words in some places
despite the translation could be "Gliding Likeness".

Contact us !

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First Live - by Air De Glisse 14/10/2016 @ 14:59


N 102 Rescue - by Air De Glisse 17/06/2015 @ 23:52

The two N 102's were loaded yesterday and arrived at their destination lunchtime today without any problems. Before the weekend they will be pressure washed and on saturday a meeting between past naviplane pilots, mechanics, historians and Mr. Pont the museum owner to decide best solution for an accurate restoration.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is a World Premiere !!!
Just one year ago, we saved from a scrapyard near Bordeaux the last remaining SEDAM Naviplane N102.
It was done with the help of Michel Pont from Chateau de Savigny les Beaune.

Today, we are proud to show the Naviplane N102-C3 "Bételgeuse" now restored !!!
It's a beauty, something we could never imagine a few months ago.
It will be inaugurated on Friday, August 5th, 2016 in Savigny les Beaune (by invitation)

Enjoy !!!








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