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HOME MADE ! - Hovercraft P20 2D 3D


The SATEN-P20 was born in 1983 pennies the impulse from Michel SOULABAIL and Gabriel VERNIER, founder of the French Federation of the Clubs of Hovercrafts.

The direct idea consists in proposing a hovercraft of sport able to compete with the best European, English machines in particular.

Gabriel VERNIER studies and draws the apparatus, which will be built by Michel SOULABAIL in 3 months.

Baptized “SATEN initially”, then “P20” because of its national registration, the apparatus gains places of honor as of its first participations in some handles of the Championship of France in 1984. P20 gains the Championship of France in 1985.

Gabriel VERNIER publishes the plans of the machine in the review Resourcefulness in 1986, which which has like effect the operational startup of a great number of apparatuses. Little unfortunately will be actually finished.
Gabriel VERNIER also publishes in 1987 an excellent document entitled “the light Hovercraft - the air cushion” which always refers in the field of the study and the operation of the air cushion.

The plans of P20 are diffused here with the authorization of their author. By respect for its work, we thank you for making any regular commercial practice of it.

We address an immense thank you to Gabriel VERNIER for his considerable work, its passion of the hovercrafts and its great kindness!

To downloadTo download the plans of P20 (4351.9 ko)
Photographs of P20

TéléchargerTélécharger les plans du P20 (4351.9 ko)

TéléchargerTélécharger les plans du P20 en 3D sous rhino3D
Photos d'un P20


We could not be held responsible for the misuse or the failure of a hovercraft built starting from these plans!
Be careful! In particular, NEVER put on the way the engine without the protective grille which must be fixed firmly in front of the propeller. IT THERE A DANGER OF DEATH. Keep in mind as well as in the event of rupture, the blades of the propeller leave forwards. They must imperatively be stopped by the protective grid.
Do not invent anything! A machine with air cushion is not simple to conceive and develop. While following these plans scrupulously, you will obtain a functional machine, and your efforts will be rewarded. Free with you then to proceed to modifications or attempts at improvement…

Need for a council or a blow of hand? Consult the Construction forum or the Technique forum of the site and put your questions there. You will find there surely somebody to help you!

Creation date : 05/09/2006 @ 23:20
Last update : 25/10/2014 @ 16:23
Category : HOME MADE !
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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #5 

by lemodlistedu54 14/07/2011 @ 22:49

bjr, je suis dans un club de modélisme de la meurt-et-mosselle 54 et nous aimerions savoir si vous pouriez nous envoyez le plans par courrier.
je vous remercie d'avance. wink

Reaction #5 

by pierrevalentin 28/12/2010 @ 14:07

pouvez vous m envoyer les plans par courrier merci je  n arrive pas a le telecharger mercicry

Reaction #3 

by jpdugers 12/11/2007 @ 19:36

jen'arrive pas a telecharge les plans du P20, si vous pouviez me les faxer. merci par avance.n: 05 62 69 62 41

Reaction #2 

by pandle 09/10/2007 @ 08:46

bonjour je vient a vous pour vous dire un grand bravo j'ai reprie un club de modelisme aussi je voudrais construire un aéroglisseur avec les jeunes du club ; seriez vous d'accord de me faire parvenir par courrier les plans , si oui donner votre réponse dans mon mail
je vous donnerai mes coordonners postales
merci d'avance m pandle

Reaction #1 

by tonnele 30/10/2006 @ 01:46

bonjour, j'ai toujours rêvé de me construire un aeroglisseur mais je n'arrive pas a telecharger les plans du p 20; seriez vous d'accord de me les envoyer par courrier ? si oui donnez votre réponse dans mon e-mail :, je vous donnerai mes coordonnées postales merci par avance abel tonnele 





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