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HOME MADE ! - Hovercraft Tornado 2D 3D



Tornado was conceived in the current of the Nineties per Jean-Charles SABOUREUX of club AERO-LOIRE. It is an apparatus which can be used for the pleasure or the competition.

Before drawing this apparatus, Jean-Charles SABOUREUX had built P20 de Gabriel VERNIER, whose plans had been published in 1986 in the review Système D.

The plans of Tornado are diffused here according to the wish of its originator, who always wished the broadest distribution of those. By respect for its work, we thank you for making any regular commercial practice of it.

You will find here two bundles of plans for Tornado: the “original” version of the aircraft, and lengthened a version known as “Pointed Tornado”. One of the bundles being more precise than the other, we advise you to download both and to refer to you to one or the other following your needs.


To downloadTo download the plans of Tornado (14 Mo)

To downloadTo download the plans of Pointed Tornado (377 KB)

PhotographsPhotographs of Tornado hovercrafts

PhotographsPhotographs of construction of Tornado

PhotographsPhotographs of construction of Pointed Tornado



TéléchargerTélécharger les plans du Tornado (14 Mo)

TéléchargerTélécharger les plans du Tornado Pointu (377 ko)

TéléchargerTélécharger les plans en 3D du Tornado Pointu (3,34Mo)

PhotosPhotos d'aéroglisseurs Tornado

PhotosPhotos de construction d'un Tornado

PhotosPhotos de construction d'un Tornado Pointu

We could not be held responsible for the misuse or the failure of a hovercraft built starting from these plans!
Be careful! In particular, NEVER put on the way the engine without the protective grille which must be fixed firmly in front of the propeller. IT THERE A DANGER OF DEATH. Keep in mind as well as in the event of rupture, the blades of the propeller leave forwards. They must imperatively be stopped by the protective grille.
Do not invent anything! A machine with air cushion is not simple to conceive and develop. While following these plans scrupulously, you will obtain a functional machine, and your efforts will be rewarded. Free with you then to proceed to modifications or attempts at improvement…

Need for a council or a blow of hand? Consult the Construction forum or the Technique forum Construction ou le forum Technique of the site and put your questions there. You will find there surely somebody to help you!

Creation date : 05/09/2006 @ 23:20
Last update : 20/08/2019 @ 08:21
Category : HOME MADE !
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by Pascall 19/11/2006 @ 18:53

All is metric measurement (mm=milimeter)

Cp5= marin plywood 5 mm

Cp8= marin plywood 8 mm

Hope this help you wink






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