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 just i few questains


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  Sujet n°24  -  posté le 20/12/2006 @ 15:55

i recieved the ply today, arranged it through my employer got good deal. i am about to start cutting all the pieces over the next couple of weeks. due to christmas, starting will be slow as i have alot happening. my problem is that i have been reading alot about hovercrafts and there are a few method to the construction.the things i wish to find out are as follows.........

1/. after cutting and putting together do i do, the stitch and glue method or do i fibreglass the whole thing.

2/. do i apply the epoxy resin  fully, to all parts before attempting to fit together

3/. the craft i will be building is exactly twice the size of the original plans so, should i go thicker with the ply. if so how thick? i believe that the ply if reinforced with a couple of coats of epoxy resin will give the hull the extra strength required. i will be using thicker beams in the framework and as the craft is alot bigger i will have many more joints. therefor i will be fibre glassing all joints to give extra strength where it will be required.

4/. for this size craft which would be the skirt to use?

this is enough questains for now, i suppose. i dont read french so i miss alot in translation. i have an engineering background so dont worry pascall, tezza and hovpod, i am made but i do have an rough idea of my limitations. i have read alot on hovercrafts everyday  and understand the theories behind these crafts. some of my idea's will blow your minds, guys. when i start i would like to post photo's and my progress if thats alright? love you guys to see it as i build it and maybe get some advise. catch ya guys later. tony



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  Réponse n°1  -  postée le 24/12/2006 @ 11:29 Haut
hello tony,

>1/. after cutting and putting together do i >do, the stitch and glue method or do i >fibreglass the whole thing.

It is suggested that you assemble the cut parts initially with a few screws to check for location of parts, size/fit and alignment. When you are happy with the layout, dismantle and reassemble using water proof adheshive and screws (corrosion resistant, it's better).

>2/. do i apply the epoxy resin fully, to all >parts before attempting to fit together

I use only Polystyrene Resin + fiber glass , not for all part only for the part where you can NOT glue.
Paint all the woodwork with resin or waterproff paint to give a durable and waterproof finish.

>3/. the craft i will be building is exactly >twice the size of the original plans so, >should i go thicker with the ply.

it's really not a good idea, but it's your choose!!
Do not change the thicker ply or the assembly method.

4/. for this size craft which would be the skirt to use?
if you change the size, use segmented skirt, if more easy i think.

Ps: What king of plan do you planning to use,
tornado original
tornado pointed
or P20 ?

Happy christimas

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  Réponse n°2  -  postée le 26/12/2006 @ 00:02 Haut
thanks pascall for your infomation. your answers were what i had planned so my plans should be right. the plans i am useing are the tornado pointed. it is a slightly longer craft and i like the look.although i wasn't planning on going thicker with the ply , i was going to give it a little extra support around the joints. i didn't want to go thicker with the ply because i wanted to add a little extra in my craft to make it alot more sexy and all round fun craft. hope  you had a great christmas.

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