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  Sujet n°14  -  posté le 17/11/2006 @ 12:36


Sorry but that is almost the full extent of my French.I am hoping that all my European friends are more educated than me, and can understand English.

My intention is to build the Tornado using a Villiers 3T 325cc two stroke twin engine. This engine is my choice because I have had it in my shed for about 10 years. It is brand new and has never been run yet. My concern is that it may not be powerfull enough for the craft. The rated horsepower is 18hp. I am considering running a multiblade fan directly from the crankshaft.

I would apreciate any advise which anyone can give

Merci bien




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  Réponse n°91  -  postée le 11/07/2012 @ 14:05 Haut
Hello Pascal,
As you know, my new Tornado with 2CV engine flights very well.
During 22.06.1 tests-    Vmax = 58 km/h- for me enough !!!

I have one request- do you have plans of bigger bag-skirt??
I have genuine bag( 810 mm width) but in my opinion it is too small.

I suppose- that 1100- 1200 mm should be OK.

Hovregards, Janek



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  Réponse n°92  -  postée le 04/04/2014 @ 20:12 Haut
Un résumé de l'histoire du Tornado de Janek.

C'est en polonais -->ICI<--
Pour la traduction en Français c'est par --> ICI <--.

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