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  Sujet n°14  -  posté le 17/11/2006 @ 12:36


Sorry but that is almost the full extent of my French.I am hoping that all my European friends are more educated than me, and can understand English.

My intention is to build the Tornado using a Villiers 3T 325cc two stroke twin engine. This engine is my choice because I have had it in my shed for about 10 years. It is brand new and has never been run yet. My concern is that it may not be powerfull enough for the craft. The rated horsepower is 18hp. I am considering running a multiblade fan directly from the crankshaft.

I would apreciate any advise which anyone can give

Merci bien





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  Réponse n°1  -  postée le 18/11/2006 @ 20:32 Haut
hi tezza,

The tornado pointed  has worked with a 20HP briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine.
With 1/2 ratio gear between Crankshaft and multiwing fan.

I think you can try to use your old engine, but
 it is necessary that you builds lightest possible.

Also you need to adjust the scoop for the air near of your blade.

Thank'you to posting in the forum,
Happy to help  you


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  Réponse n°2  -  postée le 19/11/2006 @ 12:01 Haut
Bonjour Tezza !

To help you a bit more, we could need more details about your engine :
Top RPM rev ?
its weight ?

According to normal 2 stroke rpm, it could be necessary to add a gear box
with fixed rate since fan must not rev to fast.

Gear box rate calculation depends on fan diametre and blade reference and engine rpm range.

Fell free to ask !

Bon courage !



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  Réponse n°3  -  postée le 19/11/2006 @ 13:18 Haut

Hi Dany

The engine is rated at 18hp @5500rpm. With a fan diametre of  800cm I am now thinking that a 2:1 reduction will be required to keep the tip speed within limits. The engine weight without exhaust is 23kg.

your thoughts please.



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  Réponse n°4  -  postée le 19/11/2006 @ 18:48 Haut

hi tezza,

You write : engine villiers 3T.

This engine it's stand alone or for a motorcycle with gearbox integer. ?

Planning to use your blade for 1800/2000 rpm.

18 HP it's little and your blade can have a high angle

This it's corect for Multiwing blades.

23kg for 18 HP (your villiers)

45kg for 20HP (ours B&S without gear reduction system, 55kg with gearbox)


Ps: You can start with One engine and if you see it's not enough, you put a lift engine same a 4storke for lanwmower


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  Réponse n°5  -  postée le 21/11/2006 @ 11:26 Haut

Hi Tezza !

Pretty scarce engine you gonna use there ! It is the two-stroker boxer from Villers, am I right ?? Is it from the 60´ies - 70´ies ;o) ??

I think I have seen this on on a craft before, but I do not exactly remenber the name (need to check this out..). In this craft two villiers were used to drive the propulsion fans (not the lifting fan..).

For propulsion & lift, I guess Pascal is pretty right there, 18 HP are not really a lot & I guess you will need to build the craft EXTRA LIGHT but still rigid enough to archieve a convenient cushion... Probably you should look for a construction with another engine for lift as well..

By the way: Where do you come from exactly, for Pascal told me that you are from down under ( I worked there for a half year.. ;o) ) ??

Kind regards et a bientot,


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