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  Sujet n°118  -  posté le 27/01/2009 @ 11:41
 My name is Vojto and I'm living in Slovakia.

I'm building Tornado hovercraft.

I planning to use a  Suzuki SV 650 engine is produced 2003.
I'm building my own ECU because the original unit is very expensive.

I want to ask you about segmented skirt for tornado hovercraft.

Pictures of one segment are attached. Do you have some tips how to sew the skirt?

Thank you for your answer.




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  Réponse n°1  -  postée le 27/01/2009 @ 11:50 Haut
Petite traduction :
Notre ami Slovaque à commencé la construction d'un tornado classique.
il a récupérer un moteur de moto sans électronique.
il a re-développé un calculateur.

il nous demande des astuces pour coudre les jupes.

Sur la photo, nous pouvons voir qu'il a cousus la bavette anti-écopage complétement confused.

Un petit schéma pour expliquer:


Orange = SEWING

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  Réponse n°2  -  postée le 29/01/2009 @ 19:27 Haut

Hello Vojto !

Thanks for posting on our forum !

Pascal has sent you a hint about the picture that you have posted with your mail.

The skirt you are showing has an important construction error.

As you can see on the sketch of Pascal, the "bag" of the segment has not to be sawn together at the bottom (along green line !).

If you do this, the air will not be able to form a jet downwards and thus will not lift your craft properly.




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  Réponse n°3  -  postée le 11/06/2010 @ 20:35 Haut
Le texte et les photos de Vojtech.

My name is Vojto and I'm living in Zilina city in Slovakia. My
father is building Tornado hovercraft. Unfourtunately we have no
website yet. The Suzuki SV 650 engine is produced 2003 and it was an
occasion to buy it for 400 Eur because it was without ECU and has
something broken in gearbox (it cannot shift to 3rd gear).
I'm building my own ECU because the original unit is very expensive
and we want to hold the budget as small as possible... The first test
was with ignition advance 5 deg. This timing allows quick starting but
it was insufficient by higher RPM. Now is the engine running with
variable timing from 5 deg to 20 deg depending on RPM. The fuel
injection timing is now only fixed once per engine revolution before
and simultaneous with intake stroke. Now I'm prepairing program for
measure and display the data from sensors (throtle valve position and
intake manifold pressure) and RPM. I also need to write some functions
for acceleration because the engine is accelerating very poor with
lean mixture, by rich mixture is it running heavier, smokes, has high
consumtion and spark plugs are getting dirty.... I'm using Atmel AVR
microcontroller MEGA 16 with 9,216 MHz oscillator. Ignition coil
driver is BU931 darlington in recommended circuit (with 360V zener
diodes between collector and base and 100nF capacitor between
collector and emmiter). For programming I'm using Code Vision AVR
where I can write the control program in C-language.
We have bought an 9 blades Hasconwing impeller for propulsion, the
air tunel diameter is 950mm.

I'm attaching some pictures:
-an RPM, temperature and fuel level indicator
-hovercraft hull
-engine with exhaust and silencer
-crankshaft position sensor output on Suzuki SV 650 (the signal gap is
front cylinder's bottom dead center)
If you are interested in more information please ask.



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  Réponse n°4  -  postée le 11/06/2010 @ 21:51 Haut
hello everybody,
I asked You about the skirt several months ago. Now our hovercraft is
born ! :) I'm sending You the picture of first jump. It's not hovering
yet because of some engine problems (low ignition advance, too rich
mixture, intake gauge problems caused by another air cleaner...), but
it's on the right way. Last weekend we were at hovercraft meeting and
my friends gived me advices how to set the carburretors and ignition.
Now the ignition advance is 15° increased and needle is set one step
to lean.
Have a nice day
Vojto first_jump01.jpg


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  Réponse n°5  -  postée le 15/08/2010 @ 19:24 Haut

Hello Vojto,

Good work ! Congratulations!!

I am Ian from Poland and also I am making Tornado using Suzuki engine but 998 ccm from Suzuki Swift.

What about your hovercraft- ist it operational??

What is a weight of your engine??

My construction you can find in forum content.

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