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  Topic #213  -  posted 19/02/2012 @ 06:15
Hello everyone,

I am starting a project to build a Tornado Pointu that will of necessity be longer and wider than the plans show so I am calling it a Tornado Etendu.

I have access to an engine from a Jetski that is around 100hp and weighs 70 kg without cooling system for the thrust and a choice of engines in 15 to 20hp size for lift. The craft will ideally carry two people but usually only one person so my first question is about the cushion area for good performance with these masses.

Ideally the craft should be only 2000mm wide also if this is possible.

Present project ideals,
Hull material of 2.0-2.4 kg/m2 average.
Thrust diam 1100 mm
Lift Diam 550 mm
Craft width 2000 mm maximum
Craft Length (unknown)
Nose shape - Etendu (Extended Pointu)

All advice welcome



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  Answer #1  -  posted 19/02/2012 @ 22:04 Top
The tornado plan, it s a good design for building her first hovercrat with single engine.
If you planning to use for carry two personn, may be the good way , it s looking for Sevtec plans.

But, yes you can use a factor for multiply the measuremnt of original tornado plan, for building your tornado etendu.

Hope this help you

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  Answer #2  -  posted 20/02/2012 @ 11:44 Top
Merci beaucoup Pascall,  you are always a help.

The factor for dimension increase I have in mind is 1.2, this also allows sufficient space on the forward deck for the lift motor/fan. I know the Sevtec craft, the scout model would be an obvious choice to me for starting into Sevtec craft, however it is not the craft I will build yet.

Is there a critical cushion pressure that should not be exceeded ? and an optimal cushion pressure for the Tornado?

Obrigado barack


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